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Rapid Response

The Definition

Rapid Response is a required activity funded by the State of Californiaís Employment Development Department-EDD. All funds are provided by the U.S. Department of Labor through the Workforce Investment Act-WIA. Rapid Response provides comprehensive and collaborative services to help businesses prepare for and manage layoffs or closures and provides immediate, on-site transitional services for workers to minimize the impact of such events and help them obtain new employment as quickly as possible.

Rapid Response is not event driven; it is a pro-active approach to planning for and managing economic transition. The aim of Rapid Response has grown from solely responding to economic crises, such as plant closing and mass layoffs, to managing economic transition through leveraging business and economic development services and by building effective, ongoing partnerships among all stakeholders in the regionís economy.

Key Elements

The key elements of proactive Rapid Response include understanding the workforce and economic development issues of employers, workers, and the community at-large, and brokering solutions that respond to their needs.

This is accomplished by:
Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of labor market trends and economic forecasts
Understanding industry and business needs-talent, skill sets, labor pools, and infrastructure
Understanding workforce needs and skill set training
Building relationships among employers, service providers and the workforce
Facilitating connections among employers, service providers and the workforce
Supporting regional and local economic visioning and planning
Leveraging resources across key partners and stakeholders

Our promise:
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